Intellicomm Augments Innoport® Express With A New Pay Per Use Virtual Phone Service

Trendsetters can now order a virtual phone number for as little as one day for voicemail, call forwarding or auto attendant with extensions and use it for events, forwarding mobile calls when traveling internationally, disaster recovery, auction listings, advertisements and much more.

King of Prussia, PA - January 7, 2011 - Intellicomm Inc., a leading provider of hosted unified communications continues to innovate by adding a pioneering pay per use virtual phone service to its Innoport Express service, available at www.innoportexpress.com website. Individuals can order a temporary phone number and use it to get voicemail via email, forward it to another number, such as their mobile or landline, or create an auto attendant with multiple extensions, all without a recurring subscription or setup fees.

The new service fills a need whenever there is a need for a temporary voice number. For instance:

The Innoport Express virtual phone service provides a temporary toll-free or non-toll free U.S. number for receiving calls for a minimum of one day starting at a low price of $5 without the need to buy a recurring subscription service requiring cancellation.

"Innoport Express virtual phone service can be of an immense value to individuals who have a short term temporary need for a phone number or an event where giving out mobile numbers is not practical or preferred," said Harprit Singh, President and CEO of Intellicomm. Singh added, "We are glad to bring this level of flexibility to ordering and configuring a virtual phone number to the marketplace."

Innoport Express already incorporates a pay per fax service where faxes can be sent without a subscription and a dedicated temporary fax number can be ordered to receive faxes in email.

About Intellicomm

Intellicomm Inc. is a leading provider of hosted unified communications services, delivering enterprise class services to businesses of all sizes and empowering them with an unprecedented level of information access and management. Through its flagship service, Innoport®, Intellicomm automates an individual or company's flow of communication by centralizingall inbound phone calls, voice mail, fax and instant messaging communications. As an affordable, remotely-hosted communications system, Innoport can help businesses achieve virtual office capabilities that present nearly unlimited scalability for growth and enhance employee mobility. For more information, visit www.innoport.com, www.innoportexpress.com or www.intellicomm.com. Innoport is a registered service mark of Intellicomm Inc.

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