Innoport® Rolls Out Expanded International Virtual Phone Number Coverage

Incorporating the state-of-the-art technology and robust network design architecture, Innoport customers can now use telephone numbers from countries around the globe for sophisticated and high quality virtual phone system, voicemail, and fax services.

King of Prussia, PA - January 30, 2013 - Intellicomm Inc., a leading provider of hosted unified communications now provides international phone numbers in several countries via its Innoport service. As a comprehensive hosted unified communications service, the availability of phone numbers from countries in addition to U.S. and Canada significantly increases the footprint of its Innoport offering.

With an affordable pricing structure, businesses small or large or even individuals can now easily have a local presence or virtual number in a different country. Given the vast array of features available via the Innoport international phone numbers, the use case scenarios are only limited by imagination.

A small business in California with a significant customer base in the United Kingdom can now provide its customers a local London, UK Innoport number and have calls forwarded to their main office or mobile phone number. A multinational corporation can just as easily consolidate their inbound sales calls from Tokyo, Japan as they do from their local or regional offices. A call center in Philippines or India can now affordably have multiple telephone numbers in conjunction with a "follow the sun" strategy. Businesses can consolidate their inbound fax receipt from multiple locations for central routing, processing and archiving. Import/export professionals can present an international phone number to facilitate easier communication with suppliers, vendors, and customers alike.

Although large businesses have usually felt comfortable eyeing markets overseas, businesses of all sizes should seize this opportunity to explore trade or promote tourism on a global scale using Innoport services. Having an in-country telephone number presents an image that a business cares about its local customer base and is able and willing to invest in futuristic technologies to nurture and grow its relationship. Corporations can also add significant efficiencies and cost savings to their customer, sales and service workflow by integrating their international customer communications to their customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain processes.

Innoport offers a comprehensive set of (cloud based) hosted unified communications features that include:

  • Virtual Phone System: an online auto attendant service complete with extensions and find me follow me call forwarding. Additional features include, call queuing, live extension transfer, call screening, customizable greetings and music on hold.
  • Online Voicemail: Voicemail to email service is available on all Innoport numbers. Numbers can also be setup as announcement or greeting only to create information lines for callers. Advanced voicemail features, such as those enabling call-in dictation commands for rewind and review when leaving voicemail are also available.
  • Online Fax: One of the most extensive set of online fax features is available on the international numbers. Fax to email, email to fax, fax to FTP for direct server delivery, secure fax API for programmatic and automated fax delivery, fax to fax forwarding, fax broadcast, secure fax sending and receiving and much more.
  • Secure Instant Messaging: A web browser based secure instant messaging solution.

"Our Innoport international virtual phone number coverage expansion is a remarkable milestone and adds a new dimension to the scale of our hosted unified communication services. We hope our customers fully utilize the benefits offered by this amazing opportunity and broaden their horizons," said Harprit Singh, President and CEO of Intellicomm.

For additional information including pricing and current coverage, please visit www.innoport.com.

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