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In our ongoing pursuit of innovation, we at Intellicomm have harnessed our capabilities to develop Innoport, a comprehensive suite of cloud communications services. We offer:

  • Virtual Phone System: Comprehensive call handling.
  • Online Fax: Versatile fax services.
  • Voicemail: Advanced, secure voicemail.
  • SMS/Text Messaging: Seamless two-way texting.
  • Instant Messaging: Business-focused messaging.

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Looking for a flexible faxing solution without the hassle of registration or subscription?
Discover Innoport Express, our pay-as-you-go service that empowers businesses and individuals to send and receive faxes worldwide with ease.

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Dedicated to solving communication needs for all businesses


Intellicomm's Innoport service provides a cloud communications solution for the finance and banking sector, offering secure faxing, voice mail, and call routing services to enhance productivity and ensure regulatory compliance.


Innoport offers a cloud communications suite for healthcare providers and payers, including secure faxing for compliance with HIPAA, paperless faxes for improved workflow, and mobile faxing for universal access.


Innoport's fax service streamlines the mortgage loan application workflow process, providing benefits such as secure faxing, audit trails, paperless faxes, and faster loan processing.


Innoport's hosted PBX service provides a professional office phone system for real estate agencies, offering features such as showcasing property listings, tracking advertising effectiveness, and streamlining the loan origination process.


Innoport's automation enabling APIs allow customers in hospitality, manufacturing, real-estate, finance, and healthcare to automate their outbound fax workflow for around the clock automation driven efficiency.


Innoport's cloud communications solution can be incorporated into a business' disaster recovery plan to alleviate telecommunication and fax disruptions during a catastrophe, ensuring business continuity.


Who We Are

We are a global cloud communication services firm, dedicated to enhancing productivity and breaking down communication barriers for a diverse range of customers.

Our History

Established in 1994, we transitioned from a software design firm to a leading provider of cloud communications services, introducing our flagship service, Innoport.

Our Vision

We are committed to innovatively integrating communication channels, adapting to the evolving ways of human communication, and providing comprehensive communication management through our service, Innoport.

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